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Altitude Athletic Training

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Live at sea level

Exercise at high altitude


Thank you for your interest in Altitude Athletic Training. 


Whether you are an elite experienced racer, are looking to step up in distance, going after a personal best or are new to the sport, we look forward to training with you at Altitude.


Scroll down to learn more about altitude training for athletes who live at sea level, but strive to perform like they trained at high altitude.

How it works?
The Altitude Blog
Altitude is opening Toronto's first Altitude Chamber this coming Fall 2019!
Do you have questions about Altitude Training? Curious about what an altitude chamber looks like and what makes it so unique?
Maybe there a specific goal you are training towards, and you want to know how exercising at altitude can help? 
Or maybe you have some suggestions for us? What do you want to see in Toronto's first Altitude Training Room? What kinds of classes, equipment or programs? No detail is too small. This facility is designed for YOU as an endurance athlete and your contributions are invaluable to us. Share your questions, thoughts, feedback, ideas and goals below. 
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